Rodney Brown

Owner/Film Maker/Adventurer

Rod is the "Johnny come lately to motorbike riding", but don't let that fool you. He's ridden more since he started in 2015 than most do in a lifetime. He's also the guy who puts together the films from each tour, so be nice to him.

Paul Koczak adventure rider and lead rider for Mile Munchin Adventures

Paul Koczak

Lead Rider/Head Adventurer

A self confessed motorbike nut, Paul has over 40 years of riding experience. He’s ridden to more places in both Australia and overseas than most people have had hot meals. So when he has something to say about motorbikes, you listen in closely.


Rick Atkins (Dickie)

Sweep Rider

Dickie has been riding bikes for as long as he can remember, growing up on a farm gives you the ability to start early. In 2018 I met Dickie through a mutual friend, we've been riding together ever since. Whether it's adventure or enduro riding Dickie loves the opportunity to ride, anywhere, anytime, he just enjoys having a good time.


Scott Randall (Scooter)

Sweep Rider

Scooter is a life member of the Otway Trail Riders, he was President when I sent an email to the club wanting to know more about their rides. I was new to riding and wanted to find other riders to ride with. Scooter could not have been more helpful and welcoming. With a long history riding and racing motorbikes he'll impart plenty of knowledge.


Nathan Cobb

Sweep Rider/Story Teller

Nathan, like myself is a relative late comer to adventure riding, but he was hooked the first time he rode his XR650 through the high country. Not a stranger to the outdoors he spent years racing 4x4s and hunting. His knowledge of the high country and his survival skills are exceptional. He loves to tell a story which are always worth listening to, sometimes they are so outrageous you're not quite sure if he's taking the piss or not.


Graeme Grundill

Support Vehicle

Behind every tour there is a person who does the small thankless tasks, Graeme is this person for Mile Munchin Adventures. Support vehicle driver might be the title, but Graeme gets lunch ready each day, cooks breakfast and sets up everything so when we arrive we don't need to lift a finger. He also loves riding so he appreciates the finer details of making a tour great.

The sheer essence of adventure I would describe as when you "Happen Upon Something New." Discovering, experiencing, seeing or exploring new terrain brings with it the excitement of the unknown.

Rodney Brown

Motorbike Adventure Enthusiast