Thanks for joining us on our two day High Country Cruise Tour, this page contains the tour Final Instructions. Please don't hesitate to call me on 0419 336 783 if you have any questions.


Tour Dates: April 13/14
Friday Meeting Place: Alpine Sports Lodge (also called Alpine Fitness Centre), 20 Hawthorn Lane, Bright VIC 3741. Mile Munchin’ Adventures will arrive at the Alpine Sports Lodge by Friday 5pm.

Saturday Ride Leaving Time: 8.30am
Arrival at Dargo: 4.30 – 6.00pm
Saturday Approx. Kms: 190 to 220kms.

Sunday Ride Leaving Time: 8.00am
Arrival at Bright: 3.00 – 4.00pm
Sunday Approx. Kms: 170 to 190kms.

Meals: Saturday and Sunday Breakfast and Lunch, Saturday night Dinner. Beverages supplied Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday after the ride.

Snacks: Muesli bars and snake lollies will be provided on the ride.

Rod’s Mobile: 0419 336 783


Please download the forms below, I would like you to read and fill-out all forms, then either bring them with you to the ride or scan them and email them back to me  sales@milemunchin.com.au

If you are unable to print these and bring them with you, I will have copies with me you can fill out at the start of the tour.






Friday Night

Location: Alpine Sports Lodge (also called Alpine Fitness Centre)

Date: Friday March 1st

We can’t get access to the accommodation until after 2pm on Friday. Someone from the Mile Munchin team should be at the lodge by 5pm to welcome you.

Provided Friday night: Alcoholic beverages and snacks.

BYO Dinner

Friday night will be a good opportunity to meet and get to know everyone. We’ll also hand out the stubby holders, t-shirts to make sure they fit you. It would great if you could wear your t-shirt on Saturday so we can take some team photos at different spots on the trip.

Parking: You can park your car safely at the Alpine Sports Lodge until we return on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday Ride

Breakfast from: 7.30am

Choose from cereal and/or eggs & bacon on toast.

Drinks: Coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, water or hot chocolate

Ride Snacks will be provided by Mile Munchin, these include muesli bars and lolly snakes and bottled water you can add to your cambelbak.

Ride Starts: 8.30am

Approx Distance: 190 to 220kms

Lunch Approx. 12:30 – 1:30pm at a location in the High Country. We will meeting the support vehicle for lunch, you will be able to make your own salad sandwiches from a selection of ingredients.  At this point you can refill your cambelbak, get more snacks and top up your fuel tanks.

Tracks we’ll Ride

There are many awesome tracks in the High Country but one of the more famous tracks is Blue Rag Range Track, we’ll ride this after lunch. We’ll also ride Crooked River Track which has about 13 creeks crossings in two kilometres of riding, it’s a test to ride but is an amazing track. Some of the other tracks include, Twins, Twin Jeep, Pheasant Creek, Gunns and Montana.

Dargo Arrival Time: 4.30 – 6.00pm

Saturday Night

Location: Dargo

Date: Saturday March 2nd

Accommodation: We’ll be staying at the Dargo Pub Log Cabins and Dargo Central which is located across the road from the pub, all you’ll need to bring is a change of clothes, your toiletry bag. All bedding and towels are provided.

Dinner: 6.30pm we’ll be cooking lasagna and salad for dinner with your choice of two desserts.

Sunday Ride

Breakfast from: 7.00am choose from eggs and bacon sandwiches and cereal. 

Drinks: Coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, water or hot chocolate

Ride Starts: 8.00am

Approx Distance: 170 to 190kms

Before we leave, motorbikes will need to be filled up at the Dargo General Store at your expense. We will be taking fuel with us to top up bikes at Lunch that need it to finish the Sunday ride.

Ride Snacks will be provided, these include muesli bars and lolly snakes and bottle water you can add to your cambelbak.

Sunday Lunch: 12:30 – 1:30pm at a location in the High Country. We will meeting the support vehicle for lunch, you will be able to make your own salad sandwiches from a selection of ingredients.  At this point you can refill your cambelbak get more snacks and top up your fuel tanks.

Tracks we’ll Ride

The Saturday tracks were cool but rest assured the Sunday tracks are equally epic. We’ll jump right into it with the amazing Grady’s Creek Track and Hibernia Road. Then you’ll get to try your hand at Billy Goat’s Bluff, see if you can get to the helicopter pad then reassess and see how much further you can get up this epic climb.

Bright Arrival Time: 3.00 – 4.00pm at Alpine Sports Lodge, we’ll celebrate the trip with a few more beverages and snacks before we depart.

Tour Preparation

Please do yourself and the rest of the tour guests a favour and go on a ride in the week leading up to the tour. This is handy for two reasons, one you can make sure your motorbike is working and second you are getting a ride in, which is always worth the effort.

Being ride fit for a ride of this type will also allow you to enjoy the whole tour. If you start to fatigue in the first couple of hours then the rest of the day will be a real test. The tracks are not easy, they are rough, rocky and undulating. You will ride the equivalent of a trip from Melbourne to Echuca on the first day, it’s a big day.

Fuel Requirements

Please arrive at the tour with a full tank of petrol, if your motorbike will struggle to do 110kms on a tank of fuel then you will need to carry more fuel. Please bring a fuel bladder or plastic bottle with fuel to assure you make it to the lunch spot.

Approximate Distances

Saturday – Bright to Lunch 110kms
Saturday – Lunch to Dargo 90 to 100kms
Sunday – Dargo to Lunch 120 to 130kms
Sunday – Lunch to Bright 50 to 60kms

What to take on the bike

Make sure you take tools specific to your motorbike, we do ride across many creeks, if you unfortunately drown your bike it is great to have the specific tools for your spark plug etc.

For both days the lunch stop will be about 110-120km into the trip, please make sure your motorbike has enough fuel to make the lunch stop. Please carry more fuel with you, if you think your tank won’t carry enough to make it.

Spare tubes front and rear (a 21 inch or 19 inch tube can usually fit both rim sizes).

It is always good advice to put heavy duty tubes in for this type of riding, the high country has many rocky tracks and we will be riding those tracks.

Water to drink on the ride, it could get very dusty and water on the go will help you replenish a dry mouth and throat.

Clothes, it goes without saying but please make sure you wear protective gear including boots, pants, jacket, gloves and helmet.

General Tips

  1. It is a great idea to take an extra set of gloves, if the first pair get wet you can swap. Cold wet hands can ruin your ride. Even on day where the temperature is 24 degrees in Bright it can still be 8 degrees on the Dargo High Plains Road.

  2. It could rain, in fact there is always a very good chance of rain in the High Country. If your riding gear is not water proof, we recommend you take a rain jacket to go over the top to keep you dry.

  3. Don’t forget to have a great time, this not a race, it is a tour. We take in the sites and enjoy the tracks along the way.

  4. Take plenty of photos and videos.

What to put in the support vehicle

Clothes and shoes for Saturday night, bathroom bag. Please don’t bring a large bike bag, try and keep your clothes to a minimum.

While there might seem to be plenty of room in the Mile Munchin’ Adventures support trailer, if we need to carry one, two or three broken-down bikes it soon gets very tight.

Bike & Tips Maintenance

  1. Check tyres, if they are old, please replace them.

  2. Make sure your battery is fully charged before the tour.
  3. Check brake fluid, you’ll use your brakes a lot going down the hills, make sure they have been serviced before leaving.
  4. Sprockets and chain, check and make sure they are in good working order.
  5. Air Filter, replace if dirty, the ride could be dusty and you may need a filter change on Saturday night so bring a spare oiled and ready to go.

  6. Make sure your tank is filled with petrol from the start.

  7. Check your wheel bearings for any movement, change if you feel any wiggle in the wheel.

  8. If you are riding a 2 stroke, please bring oil to be either carried with you or put in the support vehicle.

  9. Bring a small selection of nuts and bolts specific to your bike, the tracks are rough and bits will rattle off your bike.

The support vehicle does carry some spare items but these don’t always fit all bikes so make sure you bring spares for your particular bike. Particularly if it is known to have regular issues.