If none of our regular tours are what you're looking for then we'll sure our custom tours will get you excited. Our custom tours are tailored to your bike type, riding and adventure needs. These tours must have a minimum of eight riders, so organise your group and give us a call.

There is hardly a part of Australia that our lead rider Paul Koczak hasn’t ridden. So if you’re after a short tour or a 10 day tour through the centre of Australia, we can not only organise if for you, but we’ll provide you a trip you’ll never forget. You may ask why we feel so confident in getting your custom trip right. Because we ask the right questions and more importantly listen to your answers.

These custom tours are not restricted to riding off road either, if you want to stick to the bitumen we’re OK with that. The scenic riding on offer in Tasmania, the NSW southern coast or the Victorian High Country is enough to get anyone excited. If you’re travelling from overseas and need to hire a bike we can put in contact with a few businesses who specialise in motorcycle hiring.


If getting off the beaten track is what you’re looking for then tell us what you have in mind and we’ll see if we can make it happen. Australia is a vast land with amazing places to explore, but with the vastness and remote locations brings an opportunity for things to go wrong.

Travelling with an experienced team offsets much of the danger. Our team all have first aid training, we have mechanical skills and the ability to solve problems on the run, a talent not to be underestimated in the Australian Outback. The realities with any trip is things can go wrong, so when you travel in a group there is safety in numbers.

So now we’ve discussed the negatives which are in fact a positive, lets discuss your adventure, get in contact with us and we’ll discuss details.




At Mile Munchin Adventures we are not biased, yes it is true we do love our dirt roads. But we have been known to spend extended periods of time on the black stuff. With the right motorbike this stuff is still a lot of fun, you see it’s all about the location and the road. 

Australia has some amazing roads, the Great Ocean Road comes to mind, so do the roads up to Mt Buller & Mt Hotham. These are some of the more well known roads, but the truth is we have great roads to ride all over Victoria and every other state.

If you are interested in a tour and want to see some of Australia on the back of a two wheel iron horse, then have we got some routes you won’t want to miss. And you won’t need much time either, give us a two days and we’ll fill it with views, experiences and memories you’ll be telling your grandkids about.

Here are a couple of tours we prepared earlier, enjoy!