Adventure riding is not a young persons game, there is no age which can stifle the desire to explore, learn and discover. If you're a lover of the outdoors and enjoy riding motorbikes then our tours are designed specifically for you.


The Great Otway National Park situated within the Otway Ranges doesn’t get the name “Great” by being average. Covering 1,023 square kilometres the area is home to some of the largest trees and most diverse collection of fauna in Victoria. The choice of tracks to ride range from soft sand to clay and everything in between.

If you were to try and ride every track in the Otway Ranges, you’d be there for months. The good news is, you don’t have to, because we’ve ridden all the tracks and have collated a route which includes some of the best vistas and attractions into our Otway Outing Motorbike Tour. 


The Victorian High Country Cruise will allow you to experience the best of the high country while riding to your own comfortable level of experience. You’ll visit iconic high country huts, experience creek crossings, enjoy majestic views and power up steep hills.

The adventure riding is awesome, the creeks are beautiful and plentiful. By the end of the ride you’ll be an expert at creek crossing. The Victorian high country views are astounding, your lungs will thank you for breathing in the fresh air. Riding a motorbike through the high country, is in our opinion, the best way to enjoy what’s on offer.


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